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Russian Afghanistan

Russian Afghanistan

Nazionalità : Russia
Epoca : Post WWII

There's been quite a bit of really nice Russian/Soviet stuff on the boards recently and I thought I'd show one of my figures. I have 4 more Russian/Soviet figures in various stages of completion. Here we have a conscript, in the middle of his two year stint in the Soviet army. He is wearing the newly introduced winter jacket, which replaced the old greatcoat. The experience of the Soviets in Afghanistan has led to the introduction of armored vests, which began widespread use in 1984-1985. BBI jacket, painted tan. Armoury vest, modified Armoury RPG, repainted DML pants, painted 21st Century Toys AK, painted Human Wave boots Hot Toys head, repainted and hair added DID helmet, strap replaced Scratchbuilt dio Thanks for looking!

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