geordie strong

Dragon Action Figure

Geordie strong

Disponibilità : Esaurito

Numero articolo : 243

Riferimento : DRF 70517

Codice EAN : 3666793368924

Tipo : Figurine complete

Nazionalità : Inghilterra

Epoca : WWII

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Uniform :
British MkII Helmet - British MkII Helmet netting - British 37-pattern BD Uniform Jacket ('06 New Pattern) - British Leather Jerkin (New Materials) - British 37-pattern BD Uniform Trousers ('06 New Pattern) - British Ammunition Boots - British 37-pattern Cloth Anklets.

Equipment : 37-Pattern Waistbelt - 37-Pattern Braces - Water Bottle Strap - Haversack - Enamelled Cup - Ground Sheet - 37-Pattern General Purpose Pouches - Collapsible E-Tool Carrier - Shovel Handle
- Shovel Head - British Water Bottle.

Weapons : No. 36 Grenade - MK II Sten w/Magazine - Sten sling

Insignia : Hampshire Regiment Shoulder Arc - 50th Division Shoulder Title - Brigade Seniority Stripes - British Corporal Sleeve Stripes

Other : NEO Male body - Male Hands - New headsculpt (New) - Clear figure stand

About the 1st Hampshires 50th Division:

This formation was sent to France in 1940 as a Territorial Army division, and was involved in the evacuation at Dunkirk. It saw service in the Western Desert Campaign ,losing one of it's brigades ( British 150th Infantry Brigade ), and then was involved in the Sicily landings of 1943. The division was withdrawn to Great Britain and then landed on Gold Beach on D-Day 6th June 1944. The division stayed in North West Europe until December 1944 when it was again returned to Great Britain for the remainder of the war.

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