Happy Days - Arthur Fonzarelli

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Happy Days - Arthur Fonzarelli

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The TV series is Happy Days. He is Fonzie. With his rebel air, motorbike and leather jacket, all Fonzie had to do was click his fingers to get his girl. “Hey!”
However, Arthur Fonzarelli, known by everyone as Fonzie, was a hard man with a soft heart, a brilliant heartbreaker, an expert in motorbikes and life, who gave advice and got his friends out of trouble. 
With its 11 seasons, Happy Days (which ran from 1974 to 1984) was the TV comedy series created by Garry Marshall that we all watched and loved. An entertaining and light-hearted version of ‘50s and ‘60s American life that, through the Cunningham family, examined the adventures and experiences of teenagers in a fun manner, where friendship and good feelings always resolved everything in the end. Wow!
This is probably the first and the most detailed figure ever created for one of the cult characters of Tv comedy in the ‘70s and ‘80s.

– One Fonzie headsculpt (Handmade paint)
– 8 Posable hands
– One Body fully articulated (28 Points)
– One white T-shirt
– One pair of Jeans
– One Brown Jacket
– One pair of Biker Black boots (Magnetic)
– One hair comb
– Standard Stand (Magnetic)

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