Harry Potter - Minerva McGonagall

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Harry Potter - Minerva McGonagall

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“Five points will be awarded to each of you for sheer dumb luck.”
The first teacher Harry Potter sees in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is transfiguration professor Minerva McGonagall. She supervises the sorting of first year students into their houses and becomes one of the most beloved teachers Harry has at Hogwarts.
This 1/6 scale figure of Professor McGonagall features an authentic likeness of Maggie Smith and an accurate film costume. She comes with the Sorting Hat, her transfiguration cat form, a stool and other assorted accessories.
The Deluxe version includes her classroom desk and chair with a variety of classroom equipment, including multiple books, a candle, cup, magnifying glass and ink pot.
The Desk set can be purchased separately.

- 1/6th scale all new articulated body, approximately 29 cm tall.
- Fully realized authentic likeness of Maggie Smith as Professor Minerva McGonagall in the movie "Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone” with accurate facial expression and detailed skin texture. Each head sculpt is specially hand-painted.
- One (1) pair of open hands
- One (1) right hand for holding her wand & magnifying glass
- One (1) right hand for holding the new student’s list
- One (1) left hand for holding the Sorting Hat
- One (1) right hand for holding the book
- One (1) right hand for holding the writing quill
- Black Dress
- Green patterned Robe
- Black Shoes
- Hat with Peacock Feather
- Sorting Hat
- Pin
- Wand
- New Student’s list
- Cat
- Stool

Antonova Iri... le 11/12/2021
Good afternoon. Please tell me it will be on sale star ace Toys minerva?
de l'équipe ... le 13/12/2021
Available date : 4th trimester 2021

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