Helmut Thorvald

DID Corp

Helmut Thorvald

Disponibilità : Esaurito

Numero articolo : 1535

Riferimento : D80019

Codice EAN : 3666793331553

Tipo : Figurine complete

Nazionalità : Germania

Epoca : WWII

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DID SS-STURMMANN 1/6 Action Figure "Helmut Thorvald"

Camouflage facemask - SS-Eichenlaubmuster (Oak-Leaf A) reversible M44 HBT Jacket - SS-Leibermuster M44 trousers - Leather Y Strap - M39 Egg grenades - Steel helmet w/ wire net cover and field finish camouflage paint - Kar 98K sniper rifle w/ 4 x Kahles telescopic sight and burlap camouflage - Trench section display base - Sand Bag - Binoculars w/ field made cover - Wood Log - Scharfschutzenabzeichen snipers’ 2nd class badge

On December 1944, Himmler had issue an order to step up the use of sniper among the German armed forces. To answer the call, soldiers from both the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS had signed up and received sniper training. Our impression, SS-Sturmmann "Helmut Thorvald" signed up immediately and quickly earned his “marksman 1st Class” badge in the sniper school. Helmut was issued with a converted Kar 98K rifle with a high turret mount 4 power Kahles telescopic sight.

Helmut quickly earned his Scharfschutzenabzeichen (Snipers’ badge, 2nd class) and advancing to the next level with confirmed 60 enemies’ elimination.

Helmut was also issued with a pair of M44 trouser made with newly designed SS-Leibermuster pattern, which had less signature when viewed through infrared night vision optics. A camouflage facemask in SS-Eichenlaubmuster pattern is also worn to help him blend in more with the environment at the Kustrin bridgehead at the outskirts of Berlin.

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