Werner KOCH

Soldier Story

Werner KOCH

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Tipo : Figurine complete

Nazionalità : Germania

Epoca : WWII

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Werner KOCH - (service no. Sulzbury 26/110/4/5) - the son of a labourer, was born in Sulzbury on 3 October 1924. In June1943, Hitler declared that a Waffen SS division should be chosen from the volunteers of Hitler Youth.


Therefore, in October 1943, Werner was called up and sent to 2/SS Pz Art Regt. 11 Division.


By the 6th December the division was moved and stopped at a place near the nothern outskirts of Moscow. But the Soviets launched their winter counter offensive. They ripped a large hole in German lines and encircle the whole division.


Finally Werner's division engaged the surrounded Soviet forces in heavily forested terrain and deep snow. And in January 1944, When Werner want to breakthrough the Soviets line, he was killed by a shot in his head.



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